Light Christian Academy Is a College and Life Preparatory Academy. 


Abeka is the primary academic curriculum for the lower grades. Abeka is an academically advanced curriculum based on Biblical principles. Upper grade students use a combination of Abeka and other curricula.


LCA students learn Bible, Reading, Spelling, Math, Science, Social Studies, History ,Physical Education, Music, and Art. 

Upper Grades

Upper students attend Rose State Community College and Metro Tech while in high school at LCA. They continue to take Bible, Music, and Art as well as coaching on their college classes when needed.  It is possible for them to be nearly halfway through their university degree program by the time they graduate from high school at LCA. This part of our program is included in your student’s earned scholarships and does not require the students’ families to pay anything. 

Fine Arts


LCA students begin music in Kindergarten with rhythm, choir, and ukulele lessons. In third grade, private lessons begin on drums and may eventually include keyboard, guitar, bass or ukulele. Upper students may audition for the Light Christian Academy band.


All students K-10 take art classes. Students study a variety of forms and media. Eleventh and Twelfth grade students take art on an elective basis depending on their time constraints.